Hot Shots

Skagit Shooting Range is hosting a Pistol League, similar to a Glock Match but you can use any manufacturer’s firearm! Are you a fan of Springfield, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer or Ruger? Whatever your favorite handgun is, it is welcome to be used! Two classes will be held each match; one for Stock and one for Unlimited. 50 rounds will be needed for each class. The Course of Fire will change each match to spice things up! Participate in 7 of the 11 matches to win a Gift Certificate to Skagit Shooting Range.

Hot Shots is held on Tuesdays from 4- 7pm.
You will be assigned a tee-time on the half hour or hour.

Match Fee for each category (Stock or Unlimited): $15 for Non Range Member; $10 for Range Member