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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few answers to frequently asked questions. Please take a moment to search here to find your answer.

  1. What if I’ve never shot before?

Skagit Shooting Range welcomes shooters of all experience levels and backgrounds. For your first visit, you will need to fill out a liability waiver, read over the range rules, and be given a safety brief by a Range Safety Officer before heading out to the range. Waivers can be filled out in person at the range.

  1. What kind of ammunition can I shoot at the range?

All ammo must be brass cased- or nickel-plated- and jacketed: Total Metal Jacket (TMJ), Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), Jacketed Soft Point (JSP), and Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) are all acceptable. (.22 is the only exception to this)

  1. Can I bring my friend(s) that are under 21 years old and rent firearms?

Yes. Those that are 21 years and older can rent firearms and purchase ammunition. Age 21 and under may come and shoot with qualified adults but cannot purchase ammo or rent a gun.

     4.  Can I shoot by myself? 

Yes, you may bring your own firearm in to the range. If you are looking to rent firearms, see our rental policies.

  1. Do you offer birthdays parties at the range? Do you allow for large parties to visit the range?

Yes, we do. To get more information, fill the Parties/Events form.

  1. If I am under 21 years old, can I shoot at the range by myself?

For those under the age of 21 years old, you can rent a lane at the range. However, you cannot legally purchase pistol ammunition or rent a firearm.

  1. How long is my use of the lane?

The entry fee is an all-day pass on the range. When we are busy, we ask that you limit your visit to 2 hours.

  1. Do I have to be a member to shoot at Skagit Shooting Range?

Non-members can shoot here by paying the daily fee of $18.50. $16.50 for military, law enforcement, first responders, veterans, or seniors.

  1. Can I make a reservation?

No need to make a reservation, just drop in anytime during our hours of operation to take a tour of the range and start shooting. There may be a waiting list when we’re busy.

  1. My gun isn’t working. Can someone help me?

Range Officers can help with your firearm depending upon how busy the range is and the type of firearm. Weekdays are better for this and calling ahead helps.

  1. Do you have a gunsmith?

We do not have a gunsmith on staff.

  1. Can I use my range gift card for the gun shop?

No. The gun shop, North Sound Firearms, is a separate business, so range gift cards cannot be used in the gun shop as they sell their own gift cards.

  1. Do you offer bore sighting services?

When the range is slower, yes, we can bore sight your firearm for $10. The best times for this would be weekdays and to call ahead to make sure a range safety officer is available.

  1. Are there any specials/promotions you offer?

We run specials of all kinds! Sign up for our newsletter to get current specials. Also, if you visit the range on your birthday, your range entry fee is free! (must show ID)

  1. Do I have to bring my ID with me?

To rent a lane, no ID is required. For renting a firearm, we will ask for your ID as well as for purchasing ammunition.

  1. Are targets included with the lane fee?

No, targets are not included with the lane fee. There are quite a few targets available ranging from $0.75 for NRA targets to $30 for a pack of Shoot-N-C targets.

  1. Do you offer classes?

Yes, we have lots of classes! We offer a variety of beginner to advanced classes. Click here to see a list of what we offer.


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