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Home Defense with a Firearm 7/20/24


July 20th, 2024 | 9-5 pm

This home defense course will take you through the selection of a firearm and ammunition suited to your needs, as well as the fundamentals of surviving a deadly force encounter, before, during, and after a shooting. Taught by Darby Darrow, a skilled law enforcement officer (retired) with 23 years of service on a major metropolitan police force in Southern California, including two decades on SWAT, this course delves into the critical aspects of self-defense before, during, and after a lethal encounter.

Throughout this comprehensive training, you’ll learn about firearm selection tailored to your specific requirements and ammunition considerations crucial for effective defense. With Darby’s extensive knowledge and skill, you’ll learn the fundamentals of surviving high-stress situations in your home and beyond.

Topics explored in this course include: 

  • Legal aspects of self-defense & your rights
  • Tactical strategies in the home
  • Optimal firearm storage practices
  • Comprehensive firearm selection guidance
  • Effective utilization of lighting and flashlights
  • Hardening the target – making your home a more defensible structure
  • Home readiness protocols
  • Response protocols upon law enforcement arrival, and much more

No prior experience is necessary, and you will learn much more than you expect. Bring your own firearm or use one provided by the instructor.

The class is 8 hours long with opportunities to eat during the class. Students are encouraged to bring food and drinks to the classroom as it will be a working lunch. Additionally, Children 16+ can participate, provided they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian enrolled in the course. Each student will receive a certificate after completing this course.

Testimonials from previous students:

“Great examples of real-life scenarios. Darby is a great instructor” – Tami M., 2021

“Very thorough, well ordered, good PowerPoint, videos great for role-playing… Appreciated real-life stories, appreciated plenty of time for class interaction, excellent that we got to do live fire with different firearms.” -Janice G., 2021

“[I really enjoyed] learning about determining threats, when to use force, and what is reasonable force. Knowing the different ways to prevent and defend during a home invasion.” -Ash L., 2021

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