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Ladies First: Concealed Carry


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Attention, ladies! Are you interested in carrying a concealed firearm for personal protection?  Join us for a comprehensive 6-hour session designed to teach you how to carry a concealed firearm safely and effectively. This women only class is formerly known as  “Ladies First: Personal Protection” and is taught by Darby Darrow.

This class is perfect for you if:

– You have some familiarity with your handgun but still feel uncomfortable carrying it concealed.

– You are in the process of selecting a handgun and/or holster.

– You want to enhance your existing skills and knowledge.

During this class, we will cover a range of essential topics, including:

– Safety and legal considerations: Understanding your rights and the laws surrounding concealed carry

– Firearm retention: Techniques for securely holding onto your weapon in various situations

– Drawing in close quarters: Mastering the art of quick and efficient drawing in tight spaces

– Exploring less lethal options: Discovering the effective use of tools like pepper spray, expandable batons, taser devices, and more

– Situational awareness: Developing a heightened sense of awareness and understanding potential threats

– Utilizing distance, angles, and barriers: Learning how to leverage your surroundings for self-defense

Please note that this is a non-shooting class, where you can either bring your personal handgun or make use of training guns if you don’t own one yet. While basic firearms knowledge would be beneficial, it is not a prerequisite for attending. Feel free to bring food and drinks, as there will be designated breaks throughout the class.

Testimonials from previous students:

“Real-life discussions and role-playing for everyday life. [The] instructor instilled confidence in participants and was very respectful and answered every question asked in detail…Darby is a captivating speaker to keep the participants engaged.” -Stacey Sims, 2021

“I thought all of it was AWESOME. I felt comfortable asking questions, it was a ton of IMPORTANT information, and the pace was great. I feel way more confident now.” -Shelley Maydole, 2021



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