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Defensive Pistol 2.0


December 5th, 2021 | 8-2:30 PM

You’ve taken Defensive Pistol 1.0 and now it’s time to further develop your new skills. This class will also provide additional training geared towards other scenarios you may encounter in life.

This class covers:

  • Mindset and refining shooting fundamentals
  • Safety in an active environment
  • Working from concealment
  • Working to increase speed through efficient techniques
  • Engaging multiple targets
  • Shooting while moving to cover
  • Shooting from a distance
  • Positional shooting (seated, kneeling)
  • Low-light shooting

The student will take the FBI Qualification for a recorded score.

The final exercise will be a low-light scenario with both shoot and no-shoot targets.

Required equipment:

  • Eye & ear protection + everyday attire for concealment
  • A reliable firearm you are comfortable shooting 350 rounds through
  • Minimum 2 spare magazines and mag pouches
  • A sturdy belt with a rigid holster either inside or outside the waistband; please, no Serpa holsters
  • 350 rounds of brass cased, TMJ or FMJ ammunition
  • Optional: flashlight (loaners will be available)

This class is an excellent opportunity to test your carry gear!

Prerequisites: Completed Defensive Pistol 1.0 or taken the Guns & Lace Movin’ On Class

Cost: $249 providing your own ammo & equipment, or $329 with ammo and range rental equipment provided


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