Class Descriptions

Skagit Shooting Range offers many classes for the beginner to advanced shooters. To Register for a class, click on the class within the calendar or give us a call at the range to reserve your spot. Class capacities are limited and thus, a registration fee must be collected in order to add your name to the roster. Refund/Cancellation Policy: Classes are nonrefundable. If we receive notification of a cancellation prior to 24 hours of the class, we will move your reservation to the next class date.

Firearm Consult

Our firearm consultation includes a 1-hour training session with our firearms instructor, use of the range, and use of one rental gun. Your instructor will help you with all of your shooting needs. If you are a novice shooter, they will provide you with an over view of how to hold, handle and accurately shoot your gun, as well other need to know aspects of gun safety. If you are an experienced shooter and need a refresher, they will help you to fine tune your skills. This is the perfect way to introduce someone to firearms or to improve your shooting ability. Ammunition is not included.

By Appointment Only – Call Range to Schedule.

Basic Pistol

Targets8 hour class for basic handgun handling, skills and safety including ammunition knowledge, shooting fundamentals and cleaning. No prerequisites. Must be accompanied by parent or guardian if under age 21. Class is from 9am to 5pm and lunch is not provided. Please bring lunch, and note-taking materials. Eye and ear protection is needed though can be borrowed from the range. There is a short written test.

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Utah Concealed

UT Concealed Carry8 hour class to meet requirement for Utah Concealed Carry Permit ultimately applying to 30+ states through reciprocity. Basic Handgun safety, laws, and Federal and State codes will be covered. Course fee includes the fee for fingerprints and the Utah Application will be covered during class. Class is from 8:30am to 5pm and lunch is not provided.

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Concealed Carry Concepts & Practices

8 hour class will cover Washington State Concealed Carry Law including justification of force, rules of arrest, weapons in prohibited areas/circumstances, weapons laws, assault uniform firearm law, justification of force, force in defense of person/forcible felony, etc. Bring with you paper, pen, highlighter, snack, lunch and water. You will also need your firearm of choice and up to 100 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection.

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Guns & Lace Basic Concealed Handgun

6 hour class for Women Only. Course teaches shooting fundamentals, gun safety and discusses use of deadly force as well as the attitude necessary to responsibly carry. Concealed Carry holster options will be displayed and offered as well as different types of concealable pistols with the woman shooter in mind. Revolvers and semiautomatics will be utilized. Must be 18 years old or accompanied by a parent or guardian. Eye and hearing protection are provided.

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Guns & Lace The Next Step

5 hour class for Women Only. This is the class for you! Learn to safely, efficiently, and accurately shoot and handle a firearm. You will learn to properly draw, present the gun on target, shoot accurately, reload the gun, clear malfunctions, and safely re-holster the firearm in a comfortable learning environment. We will review firearm safety, firearm nomenclature and function. Refine stance and grip. Introduce and practice draws, sight picture, proper trigger control, reloads and re-holstering. This is an active class; you will be shooting a minimum of 250 rounds and performing multiple repetitions of each step. Classes are limited to 4 students with 2 instructors for your optimal learning experience. Included in the price of the class are the use of a range gun, 250 rounds of 9mm, holster, a mag pouch, and eye and ear pro. You may use your own pre-approved equipment for a lesser price but must register by phone or in person to arrange.
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